Action Pledge

TAKE ACTION to tell McGill to DIVEST FROM FOSSIL FUELS NOW — there are many ways to show your support:

1. Sign the Alumni letter (options to pledge not to donate, return diplomas)

2. Participate in the Alumni Diploma Return ceremony (return your diploma and/or RSVP on Facebook to attend)

3. Sign the Faculty letter

4. Email McGill Faculty and Librarians for Divestment for more information about getting involved with them

5. Sign the General petition

6. Share this site with this sample tweet or post: 

I took @DivestMcGill’s Action Pledge for #McGill24. @McGillU, #divest from fossil fuels! @McGillAlumni

7. Email the Principal, Chair of the Board and Secretary General, asking them to support divestment (edit the sample email as you wish!):


SUBJECT: Support Fossil Fuel Divestment

Dear McGill Board members, 

As you know, Divest McGill has been working with the administration and campaigning for fossil fuel divestment and climate justice for over 3 years. It is far past time for McGill to align its investments with its values, the basic climate science, and Canada’s climate commitments. The time to act for divestment is NOW! As a member of the McGill community, I wanted to let you know that I have taken the divestment action pledge: I stand with Divest McGill, and if you support full divestment from fossil fuel companies, I will stand with you. 



Open Letter to Suzanne Fortier, Kip Cobbett, and the McGill Board of Governors