For two years, the members of Divest McGill have been actively calling upon McGill University to divest its holdings from the fossil fuel industry, on the grounds that this industry is directly responsible for causing environmental destruction, exacerbating climate change, and lobbying against environmental regulation. In the past, the university has divested from companies with ties to South Africa and to Burma, and from the tobacco industry. These decisions were driven by the recognition that a university should not be financially supporting corporations whose operations severely harm individuals and the environment, particularly when impacts are disproportionately large for the most vulnerable communities. We must continue to think critically about, and to openly challenge, our university’s overt and tacit support of structures that promote inequality, injustice, and oppression. Just as fossil fuel corporations profit from the destruction of the environment, so do corporations in the occupied Palestinian territories from the ongoing violations of the basic rights of Palestinians.

It is in this light that we endorse the motion at the upcoming SSMU General Assembly from Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights McGill (SPHR), calling for the student union to support a campaign for divestment from companies profiting from their operations within occupied territories in Palestine.