Admin Response to #OurFutureOurChoice: Open Forums, Releasing Expert Testimony

Admin Response to #OurFutureOurChoice: Open Forums, Releasing Expert Testimony

The full letter of our #OurFutureOurChoice requests is available here.

In response to the #OurFutureOurChoice 4 day sit-in and solidarity camp that resulted from the Board’s refusal to divest or acknowledge the grave harm caused by fossil fuel companies, Principal Fortier has issued this letter. She outlines the administration’s response, including their new commitment to hosting open forums on the recommendations of CAMSR (Committee to Advise on Matters of Social Responsibility), to be held in Fall 2016. Additionally, as requested, the experts that CAMSR privately consulted in their consideration of our petition were asked for their permission to release their testimony publicly. Five out of six of them have allowed summaries of their testimony to be released, and the document outlining this is also below. With regards to our third request, Principal Fortier categorically refused to make a statement acknowledging that fossil fuel companies cause grave social injury through climate change and the direct environmental and social impacts of extraction.

We’ll certainly have more thoughts on all of this later, but in the interest of transparency, we wanted to share these documents as quickly as possible!

Fortier’s Response to #OurFutureOurChoice Actions

CAMSR Expert Testimony

What we asked for